20 Astonishing Facts About Apple

Apple Inc. has became one of the world’s top corporations, generating billions of dollars annually, providing jobs worldwide, introducing astonishing new technologies and products, and upending the apple carts of technology, politics, social events, and more. Their achievements cover so many areas that it would take days to spotlight. Apple’s rise to power has been […]

The History of the PC

These days we take the world of computing for granted, using it in almost every aspect of our lives; emails, streaming, social media, at work and of course for pointless games (I’m looking at you Clash of Clans!). The question is do we really know where this technology came from? Do you know who invented […]

The History & Origin of Autocorrect

Autocorrect really is a technological advancement that almost every person uses daily and sometimes without even realizing it. I would estimate that during the average day of work I must have nearly 50 corrections in emails and documentation, be that spell-checking, automatic correction or grammar manipulation. However much we hate the process on occasion it […]

25 Amazing Facts About Android

It has to be that good if the big boys of the smartphone world are even using it; Google, HTC, LG and Samsung to name a few. Let’s begin! In 2004, the Android OS was developed with the backing of Google by Android Inc. In 2005, Google paid $50 million for the OS. Originally the […]

15 Fun Facts About the Nintendo Game Boy

Ah the Game Boy, so many journeys as a child were filled by the seemly never ending onslaught of the Game Boy’s heavy-hitters including Pokémon and Zelda. Even to this day, when given the choice between playing a PlayStation 4 or Pokémon Blue, the latter will always win. There’s something about the simplicity and easy […]

15 Fun Facts About Drones

From a techy point of view, drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) are a wonderful idea. A perfect example of technological advancement and the filtering down of military grade high-tech equipment to the masses. Nowadays a drone can be picked up for under $50 in most toy stores or superstores and are great fun. Here […]